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Welcome to 3gerp.org – home of the 3gERP Project


3gERP-modulesThe 3gERP Project is a collaborative strategic research project with partners CBS, DIKU and MDCC and with funding by the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation. Using the menu on the right you can navigate to our project page, where we post information about ongoing and complete (sub) projects. We also provide links to our activity calendar and news wall.


The purpose of the 3gERP Project is to establish the academic and market foundation for developing a standardized, yet highly flexible and configurable global ERP-system for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which can be implemented and maintained at a fraction of the cost of current ERP systems.

Project areas

The project comprises both information systems and computer science areas. We have split our activities into five areas (A-E):

  • A. Requirements definition.
  • B. Future business information requirements.
  • C. Future IT architecture (software architecture).
  • D. Tools and technology.
  • E. Organizational implementation and partnerships.

Read more about the project areas.

Read the complete 3gERP project description (application to Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation).